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Save Your Home From the Window Woes

Untinted windows can cause your furnishings to fade and let in more cold or heat. Fight off these window woes and more by getting residential window tinting from the team at Supertint. Call us today at 412-881-2175.

Shedding Light on Technology

For years, people have been searching for answers to the harmful effects that windows have on their building and its occupants and interiors.

The solar control specialists of Supertint primarily use Madico window films, which dramatically reduce the harmful effects that have forced people to limit the amount of natural light that can enter their facility.

In addition, window film can create a decorative look, enhance visual appearance, improve security, and reduce fading, heating and cooling costs. Learn more about why you should get window film from Supertint.

Highly Skilled Professionals

Hiring a professional can ensure that the job is completed correctly the first time, thus saving you money on having to reapply the tint over and over until you get it right.

You will also need to know the condition of the windows, as well as if the window tint that you pick is the right type for that window. A professional installer knows this.
Residential window tint

Get a Fantastic Warranty

Do you get a warranty with the do-it-yourself window tint you buy? The residential Madico window film that we use comes with a Madico lifetime guarantee.
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