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Window Film: Another Level of Security!

Window film can be your initial shield against break-ins, accidents, severe weather, and even certain acts of terrorism. Selecting the right type of film is key to the protection of your home or workplace and saving expensive repairs or replacement… and that’s why we’re here.

How Does It Work?

Supertint uses safety and security window film that is applied to windows for the purpose of supporting the glass. It comes in clear or various shades and thicknesses and is specifically designed and manufactured to be shatter-resistant. It can provide additional privacy, making it more difficult to see inside and slowing an illegal entry into a home or building. Supertint’s specialty films will help to control the results of a natural or man-made disaster and while the anti-shatter film may not prevent a window from breaking, it will offer added film support to the glass, allowing for more surface bend of the window and reduce debris, water or other matter to enter.

Natural Disasters And Accidents

Natural disaster and safety films are suggested for areas that experience severe weather or earthquakes. Tornados, hurricanes, and other severe storms create high winds, often carrying tree branches, trash cans, and other items that break a window. Earthquakes create a ground movement that may be sharp and abrupt or a longer rolling effect that will actually shake windows. These types of situations require additional safety steps to prevent sharp pieces of glass from flying into a room and potentially causing serious injury. Madico, one of our top quality manufacturers reports that a single square foot of glass can produce up to 200 deadly, razor-sharp fragments. That is an accident you don’t want to occur…anywhere.

Anti-Intrusion Film

If you have windows or glass doors without proper tint or film, that area is more open to intruders. Not only can they view the contents of your home or workplace beforehand, they are likely to identify if anyone is inside. This leaves you and your property vulnerable to theft or worse. It’s taken time, hard work, and money for the furnishings or merchandise you own, and losing it would become costly, or even heartbreaking. Entertainment devices, irreplaceable family heirlooms, artwork, and even garage contents are exposed to vandalism without safety and security precautions. Coin and stamp collections, family pictures and sports equipment could be gone in an instant, especially if items are located ahead of time. Let’s be honest, the world is not as safe as it was for our grandparents’ generation, and our homes and workplaces can become targets for anyone brazen enough to trespass.

Blast Mitigation and Graffiti Films

Research conducted by the International Window Film Association reports flying and broken glass as one of the main causes of death or injury after an explosion. While most of us would rather believe we are not exposed to these events, acts of terrorism have become a common topic in the news. Much like the window films above, this film helps to keep the broken glass from flying. Unexpected explosions don’t give time to prepare, but the damage can be minimized with blast mitigation films. 2 April 2022 Graffiti film is specifically engineered for this type of damage. As you know, this destruction reflects poorly on a business (or home) and quite often is permanent on windows and other surfaces. Instead of the costly glass repairs, it’s easier for the film to be replaced. Schools and business owners of storefronts, transportation networks, public restrooms, vending machines, and so on will especially benefit from this type of film. Using our residential or commercial films can last for years. Case studies have proven that anti-intrusion, natural disaster, and the entire line of films save considerable dollars and provides peace of mind in knowing your family, employees, and businesses are safer. Supertint uses products with over four decades of research, design, and success. There is a wide range of products available to you, meeting industry regulations requirements and carrying the manufacturer’s warranty for quality. Supertint is proud of its service history and has received multiple awards from Angie’s List, a national home services organization that maintains vetted companies and a strict rating requirement for service. (We also maintain a 5-star rating from Google.)

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