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Window Tinting for Energy Efficiency and Privacy

Updated: 3 days ago

Solar radiation has many negative effects on your home, including fading of paint and carpets, cracking of surfaces, and damage to interior furnishings. But there’s an easy way to protect your home from its damaging effects—and that’s by installing window tinting. Window tinting can actually improve the value of your home and provide you with added security and privacy as well. How does it work? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of window tinting for energy efficiency and privacy in residential settings here.

Living Room with Window Film Installed - SuperTint Pittsburgh

5 Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

Energy efficiency - Window tint keeps rooms cooler by blocking out harmful UV rays from entering your office or showroom through glass windows. Privacy - Window tint can keep unwanted guests from viewing your activities in your office, even at night when interior lights are on (depending on how dark your window tint is). Protection - For commercial use, safety is always a priority when it comes to buying protective covering for windows. Window films are designed to let enough visible light in to preserve the view, allowing people to see out. It also significantly blocks the view from the outside, discouraging any unwanted viewers to peer in. This enhances privacy without giving up that great view outside. Many films today are thick enough to help hold windows together should they break, reducing damage to the interior and keeping employees and patrons safe. Using film on windows adds additional safety for your windows by reducing stress points and providing additional flexibility.

3 Benefits of Home Window Tinting

Window tint can save you money by keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which in turn helps your HVAC system run more efficiently. Using Madico window film will reflect the sun's heat up to 80%, making it more efficient and cheaper to keep your home cool in the summer and eliminate hot spots. Our film has an insulating effect of up to 20% to keep the heat in during the winter, which will drastically decrease your electric bill. Window tint provides a protective covering to all surfaces of your home. Those UV rays streaming through your windows can fade furniture, drapes, carpets, photos, and artwork. And, if the glass is broken, it helps hold shattered pieces together, protecting you from glass splinters. Direct sunlight is valuable in a home. It creates a good feeling and reduces the need to use lights. However; too much light can sometimes create a glare, making it difficult to work or relax without closing the blinds. These days, most homes have computers, game devices, and TV’s… all of which are affected by too much sun.

Additional Options - Energy Efficiency and Privacy

If you’re not a fan of window film, there are other options to consider. The use of interior sun control fabric offers custom roller design mesh shades to reduce heat and glare at your choosing. You can enjoy the morning hours of cooler sunshine and utilize the mesh shades as the day warms up. There’s also the advantage of installing a motorized function to make it that much easier! This type of cover is particularly useful in commercial buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows found in many retail and office structures. Not only do these products complement your property's interiors, but they are functionally superior to others on the market. Supertint’s Solar Control Fabrics can alter the amount of sunlight that enters your property. They can efficiently reduce heat, glare, and diffuse light to make the interiors much more comfortable. Our fabrics come in a variety of colors. While the lighter colors reflect light and illuminate the interior, darker fabrics provide a great view of the outside and absorb light making them ideal for television and computer screen viewing. The "openness" of the fabric refers to the weave structure and determines the amount of heat and light that can enter the room. A more open fabric allows more heat and light to penetrate through while a tighter mesh rejects more heat and light. We offer a wide range of styles and degrees of openness so that you can get the perfect setting. Supertint is committed to providing the right product for your home, office, restaurant, or anywhere you have windows. Today’s window tinting products are much more advanced than the products of the past and will enhance the look of any building. We are very proud to have received Angie’s List Super Service Award and continue to be Angie certified. Because we take consumer trust seriously, we work with you until you’re completely satisfied. Sunlight has definitely been proven to be beneficial to peoples’ moods, health, and comfort, but like other things, too much can have a reverse effect! Visit our website or give us a call today! We look forward to learning more about your needs and helping you to become our newest satisfied customer!


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