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Why Window Tint?

That’s a question we hear frequently, and one that has a long list of legitimate reasons. But, let's address just one aspect of safety and security. These are two areas that have become more and more vital to families and businesses as the cultural and economic trends shift in our country.


Chances are if you have a window it will eventually crack or break. Kids (including the neighborhood bunch), over-zealous pets, and rocks launched into orbit from yard tools can all be an accident waiting to happen. The end result can be a shattered window, but with window film, the broken glass splatter will be better controlled.

We all know the unfortunate results of a broken window. It’s costly, messy, and potentially dangerous. If you have pets or children, loose glass spilling over furniture or the floor is hazardous. However, and here’s the good news, with window film, applied it’s less likely to break. The film provides additional stability to the glass, allowing more movement for the glass to bend instead of break.

While the primary reason people have window tint applied may be energy efficiency or the prevention of solar damage and glare, safety and security become peripheral benefits of choosing this method. It’s a long-term investment and upgrades for your home that will add tasteful value and return your dollars many times over.


Today’s technology has allowed much of our private worlds to be easily extracted by others, but that doesn’t have to carry over into your home or workplace. Applying a well-crafted, quality window tint will limit visualization from the outside and eliminate viewing of family or customers, furnishings, and other items or activities you wish to remain private. (After all, the home should be a place to relax, be comfortable and feel safe, right?)

Many people ask if tint limits the ability to view the outdoors. The short answer is no, not at all. There are varying types and thicknesses of the film (based on its purpose), but the thin layer will provide easy viewing outside. It is possible to go darker, but a large percentage of businesses and homeowners find the solar shield works well.

Does It Really Work?

Studies have shown that prospective criminals prefer situations they can adequately visualize prior to committing a crime. It’s likely if someone is going to break into furniture or another retail store, they’ve probably “window shopped” the establishment prior. The same is true with homes. If individuals look through your windows and have identified costly electronics, expensive art, or other valuables, the temptation has been planted, and likely, they’ll be back to finish the job.

Every parent and employer wants to keep their family members or employees safe. It’s not uncommon to see larger businesses that have used tinted windows as a privacy shield. Or, smaller businesses housing expensive equipment or inventory. It does add uniformity to a structure while protecting the interior view.


Heavy, thick blinds or drapes can collect dust, fade or create an unappealing room. With today’s popular interior design of minimal and simplistic styles, window tint provides easy maintenance and simple care. It provides an attractive quality to your home or office while giving you the ability to see the outside. Feeling confident that your privacy is maintained means less stress.

About Us

Our services began in 1993 as a father and son team and in 2001, we expanded service to the Tri-State area. Our award-winning team is experienced in both commercial and residential tint and blinds, as well as decorative film. We remain steadfastly committed to excellence in both work ethic and product quality and believe in a client-centric approach. We will thoroughly explain the process, provide an honest estimate and work with you until you become our latest happy customer. Visit online or give our office a call at (412) 881-2175. We look forward to hearing from you!

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