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  • What is the benefits of Window Film for my home or business?
    REDUCE HEAT Madico window film reflects the suns heat up to 80%, which makes it more efficient and cheaper to keep the building cool in the summer and also eliminates hot spots. SUBDUE COLD & ICE Our film has an insulating effect up to 20% to keep in the heat in the building during the winter, which will drastically decrease your electric bill. PROTECT FROM FADE Ultraviolet rays from the sun are a major source of damage, which can ruin furnishings long before their time. The solar control specialists at Supertint will help repel up to 99% of these damaging rays. PREVENT GLARE Direct sunlight is valuable in a home. It makes you feel great and reduces the need to use lights. Too much light can sometimes create a glare and make it difficult to work or relax without closing the blinds. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY Even broken tempered glass can be dangerous to small children, pets, and other family members. Window film makes glass more shatter-resistant by reducing stress points and allowing added flexibility. INCREASE PRIVACY Privacy is important to our health, well-being, and personal comfort. Madico offers a full line of reflective, translucent, and opaque films to match your desired amount of visibility and solitude.
  • How fast can a SUPERTINT specialist come to my home?
    As fast as lightning! We have super fast deliver times, our solar control specialists work diligently and efficiently without compromising on quality.
  • Can Window Film be applyed to older windows?
    Yes! SUPERTINT will inspect your current windows and make sure the project can be completed correctly. We value your time.
  • Will the Window Film peel off?
    SUPERTINT uses the most advance technequies and products. We insure a 15 year warrenty with all of our products. So, there is no need to worry with SUPERTINT by your side!
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